Behind the SHUFL curve: how to play shuffleboard

14th October 2019SHUFL Community

So, you’ve heard about shuffleboard but not sure how it works?  Don’t want to embarrass yourself on the playfield?  At SHUFL, we’ve got your back.  Here’s the lowdown on how to play shuffleboard, the rules and some insider info’ – everything you need to become a SHUFL master.

SHUFL rules

  • Played in two teams of 1-4 players, so up to eight people can play at the same time.
  • Red vs Blue.
  • Both teams shoot towards the same end, taking it in turns.
  • The team with their puck positioned furthest towards the edge of the table takes the points. Losing team takes no points.
  • The aim is to get your pucks as close to the far end as possible. The winning team counts a total score for any pucks that are further advanced than the opponent’s furthest placed puck.
  • On the line is not classed as past the line.
  • The team who wins the end, slides first in the next round.
  • First team to score 15 points wins.


When approaching a SHUFL table for the first time, you might be taken in by the smooth, sleek expanse of maple wood and assume you’re playing on a level playing surface here.  Don’t be fooled!  Our championship-grade SHUFL tables have a unique, precision engineered concave playing surface – otherwise know as the SHUFL Curve.  Handmade in Texas by master craftsmen, we’ve developed the curve to enhance your gameplay experience.

Here’s the rub: mastering the ‘curve shot’ will make you look like a pro’ and get your puck into some to die-for positions. Shoot from the edge of the table and use the curve to wind your way up the playfield, avoiding any strategically placed obstacles along the way.

Now, go rule a shuffleboard table at a pub or bar near you!

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