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hire a shuffleboard
29th October 2020SHUFL News

Looking for a thrilling, inclusive gaming experience that brings people together? Look no further; hire a shuffleboard.

A unique game of skill where players slide pucks into a scoring zone with points awarded for accuracy, the highly competitive game of shuffleboard is a popular addition to pubs, bars, leisure and corporate destinations across the world.

At SHUFL, we partner with event organisers and hire our shuffleboard tables to enhance pop-up events, festivals, conferences, charity and teambuilding events, both indoor and outdoor, delivering high-quality social gaming that’s big on fun.  Not only will you be adding some serious street cred to your event but by operating your table on a pay-to-play basis, event organisers can also generate increased revenue.

Our tables are also popular with individuals, who are looking for something fun to entertain guests at private celebrations such as weddings and family parties. Shuffleboard is the perfect fit as it appeals to a range of generations.

Says SHUFL European marketing manager, Sam Catford: “As an inclusive, competitive game that requires no previous experience, we find that shuffleboard works at all kinds of events. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a grandad or a granddaughter, a CEO or an intern, tall or short, male or female, able-bodied or in a wheelchair – everyone can join in and play.”

“As part of our own brand marketing, we take our tables to industry events and food and drink festivals as a great way to introduce more people to this brilliant game.”

The standard SHUFL hire package includes two of our most versatile shuffleboards, the Gentry. An elegant model with a compact design, perfectly suited to events. Our high quality tables are able to withstand heavy footfall and feature our ur unique curved playing surface to enhance game play.

Handcrafted from Canadian maple, not only do they look the part, they are also quick and easy to set-up, requiring a floor space of just 1.3m x 3.7m (4 ft by 12 ft).  We can also provide a SHUFL expert to host your tables and tailor event packages to suit individual requirements.

Our SHUFL event host will put everyone at their ease by explaining the rules, making the close calls and ensuring that everyone stays safe by following our ‘Play Safe’ Covid-19 hygiene and safety measures.

SHUFL hire is available in Germany, Norway, the UK and Ireland.

We quote on a bespoke basis and calculate our pricing depending on date, location, duration and number of tables required. Please get in touch to get a specific quote.

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