Ten reasons why your office needs a shuffleboard

shuffleboard in the office
29th July 2020Research & Insights

Work hard, play hard by putting a shuffleboard in the office. At SHUFL we believe that these are by no means exclusive.  Now, after months of home-working during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s never been more crucial to maintain a good balance and look after our mental and physical health as we begin to return to office life.

Providing informal, playful ways for employees to re-connect with colleagues and adjust to the new normal is going to be a key focus for employers, with a recent poll of 1000 working adults, by the CIPD, showing that 44% reported feeling anxious about the prospect of going back to work because of the health risks posed by Covid-19.

Here are ten reasons why we think your office needs a shuffleboard:

  • A game of shuffleboard is great for work socials. Facilitating socialising between colleagues gets the workforce bonding, builds trust and increases collaboration after a hard day’s graft.
  • Shuffleboard is the most inclusive office game.  It doesn’t discriminate, putting male and female, disabled and able-bodied on a level playing field.  May the best player win!
  • It’s a great leveller: everyone gets to beat the boss, helping to build team camaraderie.
  • A SHUFL table provides a creative space, encouraging employees to take a break away from their desk to avoid prolonged periods of sitting. It’s also a great place to do creative brainstorming.  We find our best ideas come to us on the playfield!
  • Like any competitive sport, shuffleboard is FUN, so it’s a great stress reliever and will have you laughing again. When the day is hard or just not going to plan, do the SHUFL to regain your mojo.
  • At SHUFL, we just love a shuffleboard tournament and we can help you set up a company shuffleboard league to satisfy the competitive souls (you know the ones!) and boost team collaboration.
  • We spend a good percentage of our adult lives working, putting in 8-hour stints, five days a week, over multiple decades! So, investing in employee welfare and mental health matters. A SHUFL table can form part of your welfare package, helping to reduce employee turnover and attract talent.
  • Add some more awesome-ness to your office. Our tables look pretty cool and are a great talking point. Tight for space? We do a range of sizes from 12ft to 22ft and well, it can always double as a boardroom table, right?
  • Do Not Disturb – when there are important meetings or folk just need to focus, that’s when the relative silence of sliding pucks comes into play.
  • If your brand is about fun and creativity, forget business meetings sat round a table for hours. Make it memorable and informal and bring your meetings to the shuffleboard table to keep the conversation flowing.

Make shuffleboard part of your company game plan.  More information on becoming a SHUFL partner here or for a special event you can hire a SHUFL table.

As a SHUFL partner, we will support you with a set of Covid-19  ‘play safe’ guidelines on how to use shuffleboard to re-integrate employees as safely as possible.

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