The lengths we go to for shuffleboard!

11th February 2022SHUFL Partners

The lengths we go to for shuffleboard aren’t always plain sailing for our SHUFL. install team. Installing a 22-foot-long shuffleboard table in customer venues can have it’s challenges. But as you’d expect from the only dedicated shuffleboard brand, there are no limits to the lengths we will go to for shuffleboard and our customers.

We’ve been known to use cranes, fruit pickers and wheels; knock down walls; negotiate spiral staircases and even raise the roof on a lift.  For our experienced shuffleboard technicians, it’s all just another day at the office!

So, we thought it was time we took you behind the scenes of some our most extreme installs to date.

We’ve racked up a fair few for our friends at BrewDog, but there are three in particular that stand out.  In Dublin, we craned in 4 x 22ft tables across the Dublin skyline and into the venue via the first-floor balcony.  In Leeds, we ended up knocking down an entire wall to get 3 x 22ft tables down into the basement.  And at BrewDog HQ, Dog Tap in Ellon, we loaded in a 22ft table via a second-floor window using a cherry picker.

Next up, SHUFL. on wheels.  For SHUFL. partner Boom Battle Bar’s first ever venue in Norwich, we put two of our18ft tables on wheels to, literally, go the extra mile and pushed them through Norwich’s historic Castle Quarter.

Spiral staircases and 2 x 22ft long heavy shuffleboard tables?  No problem.  No cranes needed just pure SHUFL. muscle to get them up a huge spiral staircase at Roxy Ballroom Liverpool & down the same at Roxy Ballroom Nottingham.

And finally… we’ve saved the best until last… it’s our Norwegian team, who win the prize for really going above and beyond for one shuffleboard customer.  Having first tried all the usual routes to entry – up the stairs, which were not wide enough, in the elevator, which was too small and through the window, which couldn’t be opened – the team were forced to get creative.

Says Mina, our Norway business development manager: “We ended up having to call in the lift cavalry.  The customer contacted their lift service company and got them to come and remove the roof of the lift so we could fit the 22ft table in and get it up and into the building.”

Like we said, no install too challenging!  Talk to our team about making SHUFL part of your customer experience.  For more information on installing a shuffleboard table in your venue contact us.

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