The SHUFL guide to socialising again

Shuffleboard Trinity Leeds
13th May 2021SHUFL Community

Worried about going out again?  Anxious you may have forgotten the art of small talk? Scared you’ve lost the ability to sip AND slide?  We’ve got you! Check out our SHUFL guide to socialising again!

The art of small talk

You could start practising on your dog or cat or better still, ease yourself into socialising again with a game of shuffleboard and you won’t have to even worry about making small talk!

Face, space, bank card

What with having to remember a face covering and thinking about social distancing, you’d be forgiven for forgetting your bank card.  You’ll need it to avoid embarrassment when it’s your turn to buy a round – remember a round?  But if all else fails, remember you can pre-book and pay for your game of shuffleboard before you head to the venue. Out-play all your mates so THEY have to buy your round or in the face of defeat, make the winner buy the beers!

Invite some real-life friends

You’ve taken the time to book a table at your local bar or pub, now don’t forget to invite some friends or work colleagues to go with you.

Sharing bar snacks

Don’t!  Buy everyone a separate bag to celebrate being out, out.

Practice facial expressions and build stamina

To avoid facial muscle strains from all the fun, laughter and reactions on the shuffleboard table, start practising now – 10 minutes a day should do it!

Swap your slippers for shoes

When we said do the SHUFL – we didn’t mean literally!  Shuffleboard and slippers – sound the klaxon, it’s not that kind of shuffleboard!

Can you tell we’re excited?  We hope our guide to socialising has got your excited to get your SHUFL on again! Find out where to play here.

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