Why shuffleboard is a game for life

20th January 2022Research & Insights

At SHUFL. we believe in things being built to last.  Our premium quality shuffleboard tables deliver memorable experiences time and again for everyone from the age of 9 to 99!

Here’s why shuffleboard is a game for life, the king of competitive socialising:

Tables that last a lifetime

SHUFL. tables are the best in the business.  Sited in high-traffic pubs, bars, hotels and offices; they offer maximum durability and longevity so that players experience the slide of their life every time they play. This is where our tables excel.  They are the only tables built to handle a commercial environment.

Our solid Canadian Maple playfields are handcrafted by master craftsman and sealed with our patented polymer finish, giving them a lifetime guarantee.  Built for busy environments, they’re spill-proof and have reinforced steel-plated backboards to withstand thousands of throws. So, your table will still be looking pristine, even after years of action.

Always the slide of your life

In addition to our quality guarantee, we promise that your customers will always be left wanting more, thanks to our revolutionary concave playing surface. The unique SHUFL. Curve is not just good news for your customers, it’s your repeat revenue generator. Enhancing the fun, the camber in the wood enables them to curl their shots around opponents and maximises their gameplay enjoyment. This means they’ll stay longer, bring more friends, buy more food and drink as well as comeback more often. This is why they outperform flat tables every time when it comes to substantially boosting revenue.

Did we mention the patented polymer finish?  Not only is it protective, it also ensures that, time after time, players can enjoy the most satisfying slide as our pucks glide smoothly down the playfield.

Quite simply, it’s the best game play experience in the world.

Universal, ageless appeal

When we say shuffleboard is a game for life, it’s not just about the durability of our tables or even the unique, experience enhancing features that have customers coming back for more. Shuffleboard’s appeal is universal.  Whatever your age, if you can pick up a puck and slide it, you’re going to love it!

Boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, disabled and able-bodied, young and old, no matter what language you speak, this is a game that transcends barriers and brings people together.  It’s a game to play with family when you’ve run out of things to talk about; it’s for first dates when you need an ice-breaker; for friends when you just wanna’ let your hair down.  It’s for work colleagues looking to let off some steam; for you and your bestie in need of a proper catch-up.

So, whoever you are and wherever you are in the game of life, we’re here for you and your customers now and for years to come.

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