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Get to know who we are, discover our games and more importantly, where to play our modernised dart concept!

Who are we?

Revisiting the classic darts

Your customers need new experiences and new ways to spend time together. Providing them with a world-famous game, but modernised with tech, will give your venue a much-needed breath of fresh air.

A lever to increase revenue

To generate a new source of income, while bringing a new social gaming concept to your venue, you don’t need to be a creative mind! With our modern darts, offer your customers a new social experience that will increase the number of consumption and reservations.

A committed partner

Thanks to our support package, you can benefit from training, activation, marketing support, and much more. We put everything in place to ensure that your journey and your customers´ one is as successful as possible.

The games

Looking for games that are inclusive, engaging and a little bit addictive? We have just the thing for you! From the classic to the challenging, all our games are designed to provide a unique and memorable gaming experience. Whether your consumers are newbies or experts, there is something for everyone! Discover all the Play Flyby Darts games and become a pro in no time.

Where to play

Want to discover or rediscover our Play Flyby Darts games? Check out our map to find your nearest venue.

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