Future trend: Shuffleboard is coming to cinemas!

26th November 2021SHUFL News

With the continued popularity of competitive socialising across Europe, it was only a matter of time before we saw shuffleboard being embraced by a wider range of leisure operators.  You heard it here first: shuffleboard is coming to cinemas, as we see an increasing number of entertainment venues realise the benefits of authentic, inclusive social gaming.

Whether you’re a pub or bar; a restaurant or a competitive socialising specialist; a cinema or a coffee shop; every business is competing for a slice of the experiential-loving consumer’s hard-earned cash and leisure time. Differentiating your offer and delivering a premium, stand-out customer experience is the name of the game.

Explains SHUFL. CEO, Arve Leirvik: “We’re talking to and working with an increasingly wide variety of partners across our European markets.  Shuffleboard has always been popular in bars but recently, we’re working with other kinds of leisure business such as cinemas to help them realise the benefits of the additional revenue that shuffleboard can bring to their business.”

Atlas Cinemas in Denmark is the first cinema to install a SHUFL. table for their customers and its one of our compact Bank Shots making its premiere in their cinema foyer in Rødovre Centrum near Copenhagen.  From providing the best movie-watching experience with luxury seating and a state-of-the-art sound system, to recognising that meeting before or after the movie is an essential part of a great cinematic experience, the team at Atlas puts quality at the heart of their offer.

Says SHUFL. Denmark country manager Jeppe Dupont: “Atlas is our first cinema partner and it’s really exciting to see how shuffleboard can work for different types of operators.  They offer a complete customer experience: a carefully curated selection of delicious snacks and drinks, such as pancakes and hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a cosy lounge area for pre- and post-movie socialising.  Shuffleboard gives cinema-goers another reason to stay and play for longer.”

Talk to our team about making SHUFL. part of your customer experience.  For more information on installing a shuffleboard table in your venue contact us.

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