Shuffleboard partners & players get ready: Bold new SHUFL. branding about to drop

25th October 2021SHUFL News

We may have been forced to take a break from the playfield during the never-ending lockdowns but while we were away, we’ve been busy improving the game play experience and taking the SHUFL. brand to the next level for both our partners and players.

Introducing our fresh new SHUFL. branding, which will better connect with our shuffleboard players, create immersive playing environments that deliver a complete shuffleboard experience and have universal appeal across all of our international markets. We’re super excited to launch the first player-centric shuffleboard branding for the hospitality industry, an investment that ultimately guarantees revenue generation and business success for our industry partners.

To help us develop a more impactful and memorable visual brand personality that brings our pioneering, inclusive brand values to life, we teamed up with award-winning hospitality branding and design agency Saint Urbain, based in New York and LA.

The SHUFL. logo remains the same but we’ve added a whole raft of fresh assets including graphics and vibrant colour palettes to convey our brand values.  A central element of this is Pucky, a visual representation that embodies everything we love about the shuffleboard experience. This new suite of brand assets will enable our partners to maximise in-venue promotion of their shuffleboard offer and, in turn, drive increased customer engagement.

Says Sam, our SHUFL. Marketing Manager: “We were looking to elevate our visual communications, make our brand work harder for our partner venues and tease out all those key elements that make up our SHUFL. brand.  Original, authentic and playful, we wanted our SHUFL. branding to better convey what we’re all about.

SHUFL. goes where the beer flows: look out for our new-look branding, dropping at a SHUFL. partner venue near you soon! Puck yeah!

Want to find out how our new SHUFL. branding can work in your business? Get in touch today!

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